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Looking your best on a budget, part 2: Savvy clothes shopping

Just as with hair and makeup care, the subject of our previous blog, when it comes to clothing you always want to look your best. But many women worry that they just don’t have the money to build their personal and professional wardrobe up to the level they want it to be. Fortunately, there are ways to shop for terrific clothes that will cost a fraction of what you might expect. Here are seven tips for dressing your best on a budget:

Stick to wardrobe basics

The first tip is to stick to wardrobe staples that belong in every woman’s closet, clothing that can be worn in a wide range of combinations. These include a black cocktail dress, a black skirt, a white blouse, jeans, cardigan sweaters, and sandals, black flats, and black heels. And on a related point:

Keep it simple

You don’t want to chase the latest fashion trends or purchase trendy items that may go out of style in less than a year. Instead, you want to buy beautiful simple clothes that you can look at and think, “How many outfits will I be able to make with that?”

Practice patience

You’re not going to be able to build a terrific looking wardrobe quickly; many fashion seasons may have to come and go while you hunt for great clothes at great bargains.

Comb through clearance sales, outlet stores, and thrift shops

Combing through clearance racks is a great option at all regular department stores. Visiting outlets may also lead to terrific bargains, and the occasional visit to a thrift store may also surprise you with a great find.

Set your shopping days at the end of each season

The end of each season is when most stores have to clear out their merchandise to make room for new clothing – also making it a great time to shop.

Set a monthly style budget

While it’s always tempting to just grab your purse and hit the malls, smart shoppers don’t leave the house without knowing how much they can spend – especially if they’re using credit cards to make the purchase.

Check out Internet outlet sites

Outlet malls are no longer the only places to find discounted brand-name clothing. There are terrific Internet outlet sites like, and that may have last season’s clothing at steeply discounted prices.

We hope you’ve enjoyed both of our blogs on looking your best on a budget, and trust that they’ve given you some great ideas on looking beautiful without spending a fortune. At J.G. Wentworth, the simple truth is that we love helping our customers; they are the backbone of our 20+ year record of success in the structured settlement and annuity payment purchasing business, and are the reason we are the nationwide leader in the industry and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. If you would like to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we can help you, we urge you to call us today at 877-227-4713.