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Seven Father’s Day Gifts on a Budget

Father’s Day is less than a week away – have you thought yet about what you might get for good old dad?

Here’s the good news: what makes Father’s Day gift-giving so unique is that most fathers are actually pleased when you give them a gift that involves thoughtfulness and doesn’t cost too much money! You’re minding your budget, after all, and what father isn’t proud of a son or daughter who is financially responsible? With that in mind, here are seven great Father’s Day gift ideas that are both budget conscious and sure to put a smile on your father’s face.

1) Take him out to a ballgame

It may be too late to get to a ballgame this weekend, but advance tickets to a game for a later date this summer can be surprisingly inexpensive. Check out your home team’s schedule and look out for discount days when the team is trying to attract as many fans to the stadium as possible.

2) Movie night

If your dad has a favorite movie, surprise him by buying it on CD or streaming it online, then arrange a Movie Night when you can watch it together.

3) Cook him a great meal

Most dads, of course, love to think of themselves as grill masters, so avoid the outdoors altogether, by cooking your father an amazing meal in the kitchen, that he’ll be sure to enjoy.

4) Capture memories

Creating a homemade family scrapbook, or signing onto an online site that can digitally store all of your father’s favorite photographs, is a great, low-cost way to treasure memories and keep them safe.

5) Volunteer for some household chores

It wasn’t all that long ago when, as teenagers, our fathers told us to rake the leaves, mow the lawn, wash the car, etc. This year, why not volunteer to do those chores and help your father out around the house?

6) Help run his errands

Like doing chores around the house, helping your father out on his errands – either by accompanying him, or running the errands in his place – is a genuinely thoughtful gesture that costs little money, and is virtually guaranteed to put a smile on your father’s face. And speaking of thoughtful:

7) The greatest gift of all: time

The secret about Father’s Day, of course, is that it isn’t about gifts; it’s about appreciating the person in your life who put food on the table, instilled in you the value of hard work, taught you how to drive and how to balance a checkbook, and never stopped encouraging you to be the best person you could be. That’s why no gift you give your father can compare to any time you can spend with him doing something that makes him happy and shows him how appreciative you truly are.

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