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Seven Ways to Cut Down on Wedding Costs

Did you know that June is the month of choice for brides and grooms to tie the knot? In their honor, we thought today’s blog would also be the perfect time for J.G. Wentworth to list these seven tips on how to plan a truly beautiful and memorable wedding on a budget.

1) Keep the guest count manageable

Few days in a lifetime are more special than one’s wedding day, and of course you probably want as many friends and family to come as possible. But keeping the guest count low is also the easiest and most surefire way to keep your wedding budget in check.

2) Create your own music playlist

You can have a live band, or save money by just hiring a DJ. But why not save even more money by creating your own playlist of fast and slow dance songs that you know will keep your wedding party jumping?

3) Have the wedding at home or in a park

Home weddings are not just affordable, they are also extremely intimate, and all the money you save by not renting a wedding hall can be put toward the party itself or just saved for future use.

4) Purchase the liquor yourself

Avoid all markups and extra costs by purchasing the liquor yourself. You can also personally select your favorite alcoholic beverages, such as specific types of wine and/or beer, and serve them exclusively, keeping the wedding experience intimate and personal.

5) Have your bridesmaids buy their dresses off the rack

Do you really need custom-made dresses for all your bridesmaids? Save everyone time, money, and hassle by making a specific color requirement, but nothing else.

6) Get group rates for tuxedo rentals

Much like the bridal party, the groomsmen can also save by getting group rates at tuxedo rental stores.

7) Create DIY invitations

A beautiful wedding invitation does not have to cost a fortune to create. Instead, make your own simple, but elegant invitations, and put the money you have saved to good use on your wedding day – or even better, on your honeymoon!

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