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Seven Ways to Save Money on Your Summer Vacation

With Memorial Day now behind us, and the official start of summer only weeks away, we thought today would be the perfect time to begin thinking about vacation plans. Here are seven ways to plan ahead and save money on a great summer vacation.

1) Give yourself multiple destination options

The more options you give yourself about where to travel, the more you can shop around to find a great price. Consider at least two vacation spots you would be happy visiting, and start price checking!

2) Give yourself multiple travel dates

Just like with our first tip, the more flexible you are with your travel dates the more you can comparison shop to find out the cheapest time to visit your destination of choice.

3) Consider hotels that are not in the center of town

Staying at a hotel in the center of town may be your top choice, but is it worth the added price? Most major destinations have off-site hotels that are only short rides away from the action but may offer better rooms, better rates, and better service.

4) Keep meal costs down

While you shouldn’t avoid great dining experiences, you also don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money on every meal. Getting a room with a refrigerator so you can store basic foodstuffs like cereal, milk, breads, deli meats, etc. will add up to some major savings over the course of a vacation.

5) Consider a staycation

Since most vacation budgets are eaten up by traveling and lodging costs, why not skip both and arrange a terrific staycation? With a little creativity, you can explore your home city and its environs in ways you never have before, spending your travel money only on great activities.

6) Go cruising

While cruising costs may seem intimidating, the reality is that when you add up room, travel, and dining costs, they can frequently translate to considerable savings, not to mention the number of discount cruises smart and savvy shoppers can find on the Internet.

7) Talk to the locals

Last but certainly not least is our recommendation to always check out what the locals are doing when visiting any new city. Sure, you can do the regular “touristy” things, which may be worthwhile, but why not also get to know the people and culture of the place you’re visiting? Local newspapers and magazines may have some great suggestions, and if they don’t, here’s a great idea about how to find out what locals do for fun: ask a local! I’m sure he or she will be glad to point you out to some great spots or activities tourists won’t even know about – that also cost far less than you expect.

We hope this blog will get you starting on your summer vacation plans so you can have a truly memorable and affordable vacation.   At J.G. Wentworth, the nationwide leader in purchasing future structured settlement or annuity payments, we know how hard our customers work for every hard-earned dollar, and always do our best to help them stretch those dollars the furthest. If you are currently receiving, or scheduled to receive, regular payments from a structured settlement or annuity, and want that money now instead of later, we encourage you to call our company anytime at 877-227-4713.