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Shocking secrets about Black Friday sales that retailers don’t want you to know

If you’re a bargain shopper, you’re likely one of millions who participate in Black Friday shopping—But is Black Friday shopping really all it’s cracked up to be? Before leaving the Thanksgiving table early this year, consider some of the following:

Black Friday isn’t always the best time to go shopping

Black Friday Secrets
A lot of consumers will wait until Black Friday to do their shopping and make big purchases, but shopping on Black Friday doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll find the lowest prices, either. Depending on what you’re purchasing, you could potentially find the same price (or lower) after the holidays. And if you want to avoid the mall altogether, consider just making your purchases online during Cyber Monday—the ecommerce equivalent of Black Friday, which occurs the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. Not only can you find a lot of the same deals (if not better), but you can avoid the crowds.

Terms and conditions may change

If you plan to snap up a product at a great price, while telling yourself you can just return it later if you change your mind, you might want to reconsider. Refund policies and restocking fees may change for certain items that are sold during a Black Friday sale; some of these sales are final. Before making any purchases, be sure to find out what the refund policy is.

You might need to mail in a rebate

Many consumers don’t realize until their sale item is rung up that they need to pay the regular price upfront, and will receive some of their money back after they mail in a rebate. However, most consumers end up forgetting to mail in their rebates, and retailers use this to their advantage.

Doorbusters aren’t always the best deals

Those sales that are offered for a very short time and right when the store opens—also referred to as doorbusters—often have consumers arriving bright and early because they believe these are the best deals that the store will be offering. However, the best deals aren’t always doorbusters, and those insanely low-priced electronics are often manufactured for the sole purpose of bringing in more customers on Black Friday. A lot of the time, you may discover that it really is a lower-quality item that was made specifically for a doorbuster promotion.

You might still be able to price match

Even if a retailer is selling an item at a particularly low price for Black Friday, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get that price even lower. If a competitor is selling the same item for less, bring in their circular or download the ad on your phone and show a sales associate. Many stores will price match and offer you the lower price.

The bottom line

You can find some great deals on Black Friday, but plan efficiently. Otherwise, just save your shopping for another day and spend the extra time with your family.