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Six Tips on How to Plan an Affordable Summer Vacation

A recent blog suggested seven ways to enjoy a great summertime “staycation” without leaving your home city. Today, J.G. Wentworth would like to turn our attention to those travel buffs among us who just have to get away – but also don’t want to break the bank. Here are six tips on how plan a terrific, yet also affordable, summer vacation:

1) Keep your options open regarding your summer travel dates

The key here is flexibility. Hotel and airfare dates fluctuate constantly, and having more than one travel window will enable you to shop around for the best rates available at those different times.

2) Use travel websites to find the best rates – then call those hotel or airlines directly for their rate

One savvy strategy we’ve been successful with is to get a sense of rates from various travel sites, and then call those hotels or airlines directly to see how their rate compares. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover a price difference that saves you even more money than you expected.

3) Consider multiple destinations

Much like our first travel tip, looking at more than one destination option will also give you more chances to find a great trip at an affordable price.

4) Try not to rent cars at airports

This is one of our favorite tips because it remains relatively unknown for most travelers. Simply put, there may be higher taxes and fees assessed at car rental agencies located at the airport. If at all possible, consider using an alternative mode of transportation to get to a car rental place that is unaffiliated with the airport, and will not hit you with these fees.

5) Go local

Always check out local newspapers, magazines, or websites that offer daily deals to see what the locals may be doing for fun. You may find free concerts, shows, or festivals that you would otherwise have missed.

6) Consider a timeshare rental instead of a hotel room

Next to airfare, hotel room prices are usually the biggest portion of a traveler’s expenses. Not only might renting a timeshare potentially reduce those rates, the rent will usually come with a fully stocked kitchen that will keep you from spending too much money dining out. Check out such websites as,, and for more details.


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