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Six Ways to Plan Now for a Great Summer Vacation

In a recent blog, we proposed that it was never too early to start planning a vacation, especially during those summer months when airline fares and hotel rates are usually at their highest. In that spirit, here is a list of our six favorite tips on planning for an absolutely terrific, yet still cost-effective, summer vacation.

1) Have flexibility with your travel dates

The benefit of shopping for a summer vacation early is that you can find the cheapest airfares, then schedule your travel dates and times accordingly.

2) Have flexibility with your travel destinations

You’ll save even more money if you’re not “locked in” to a single travel destination that you absolutely have to visit. Consider two or three locales that interest you, and only then look into airfares and hotel rates in those areas.

3) Spend time on travel websites,, – the list of travel websites in operation nowadays is truly extraordinary. While many of these rates on different sites seem virtually identical, you may stumble onto a deal on one site that is not available elsewhere.

4) Avoid renting cars at airports

While it may be initially inconvenient to take public transportation from an airport and then rent a car, the reality is that car rental companies often charge higher rates, with additional taxes, at airport locations.

5) Make a point to check out what the locals do

To enjoy your summer vacation you do not have to do the standard “touristy” activities. Check out local newspapers, magazines, and websites to see what the locals are doing for fun. The experience may not just be cheaper, but more memorable as well.

6) Consider a timeshare, condominium, or home rental

Too many travelers simply assume that traveling to a new destination demands that they stay at a hotel. But not only can hotel rates and accompanying taxes drive your vacation costs through the roof, but the rooms you rent most likely will not have a kitchen, causing you to spend even more money dining out. You’ll save substantially by looking at alternative residences and eating at least some of your meals in. Check out such websites as,, and for more details. 

We hope this blog will spark your summer vacation planning, and help to keep as much of your money as possible where it belongs – in your pocket. The needs of our customers are always a priority here at J.G. Wentworth.  If you are in need of cash now, and are currently receiving payments from a structured settlement or annuity, please call our company anytime at 877-227-4713.