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The best holiday gift you can get for someone

It’s that time of year once again—the holidays are right around the corner. As you create your holiday shopping list, you might have some difficulties when it comes to deciding what to get for people. But there is one gift that can work for every single person on your holiday shopping list: The prepaid gift card. A prepaid gift card can make the perfect holiday present for a number of reasons, including the following:
They can use it anywhere credit cards are accepted

Prepaid cards offer a lot of the same benefits that credit cards do, so if you thought about just giving someone cash or a store gift card for the holidays, consider the advantages that a prepaid card can offer. With prepaid cards, they can shop online, make travel reservations, and can also have the option to withdraw cash from an ATM, if needed. Store gift cards will also limit their spending to that one specific retailer, whereas a prepaid card gives them the flexibility to shop wherever they want.

You know they’ll be happy

Who doesn’t like receiving money? When you buy a prepaid card for someone, you don’t have to worry about it fitting  correctly, you don’t have to worry about them already having one and can’t use another, you don’t have to worry about them simply not liking it. Nobody returns a prepaid gift card, and every recipient can always find some use for it. In fact, many people prefer receiving money gifts for the holidays, and with prepaid gift cards, they have more options and flexibility.

When you don’t know what else to get

There’s always that one person in your family or circle of friends (perhaps there are multiple people who fall under this category) where you just can’t figure out what to get them for the holidays. Year after year, you see them try to mask their look of disappointment as they unwrap their present and inconspicuously search the packaging for a gift receipt. Or maybe it’s someone you’re purchasing a gift for the first time, and you just don’t know where to begin or what that person would like to get for the holidays, and you don’t want to flat out ask. If you can’t figure out what to get for someone on your holiday shopping list, you simply can’t go wrong with a prepaid card.

Easier to manage than cash

Kids love receiving money for the holidays, but instead of giving cash, consider a prepaid gift card this year. Because a prepaid gift card offers the benefits of a traditional credit card, the recipient will have more flexibility with their spending. Cash is also a lot easier to lose track of, whereas a prepaid card is much simpler to manage. And what kid wouldn’t be excited to receive a prepaid credit card as a gift?

No awkward gift giving

Just about everyone has experienced it: you’re meeting with someone, whether it’s a friend, neighbor, or co-worker, and the holidays are just days away. You like this person, but you’re not entirely close to them, so you just can’t flat out ask them if you two are exchanging gifts are not. This can leave you in awkward predicament: on the one hand, if you don’t show up with a gift for the other person, but they have one for you, you’ll just feel bad (and the other person probably will too). If you do have a gift, and they don’t have one for you, then the situation is reversed. A prepaid card fits comfortably in your wallet, purse, or pocket, and if gift exchanging does appear to be commencing, you’ll be prepared. Otherwise, you can always re-gift it or just keep it for yourself.

It’s easy and convenient

Not only do people on your shopping list benefit from receiving a prepaid card for the holidays, but you do, too. In just a matter of minutes, you can take care of everyone on your shopping list and avoid the long lines and crowds at your local shopping mall. Are you ready to purchase a JG Wentworth prepaid Visa card for the holidays? Fill out our prepaid card form today!


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