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Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas on a Budget

With less than a week to go until Mother’s Day, you may be just about to call the florist and order your annual bouquet of flowers. But why not try something different this year – something that is not only less expensive but also uniquely from you? Here are five Mother’s Day gift ideas from J.G. Wentworth that we believe are as thoughtful as they are budget-conscious:

1) The Do-It-Yourself Gift

Remember when you were in your first years of grammar school and you would bring home a hand-drawn picture or card that your mother would immediately place on the refrigerator for everyone to see? DIY gifts like pottery, a handmade necklace, candles, or a homemade scrapbook can be made just as simply – and touch her just as deeply.

2) The Get-Mom-off-Her-Feet-Gift

Running errands for your mom at the supermarket or pharmacy, or stopping by to do some chores around the house for her like vacuuming, dusting, or laundry, shows your gratitude and lets your mother kick her feet up and truly enjoy the day.

3) The Home-Cooked Meal

No, we are not saying to just pour your mother a bowl of cereal and bring it to her in bed! Research and prepare her favorite foods, invite family, and watch your mother delight not only in your thoughtfulness but also in everyone’s love and attention.

4) The Handwritten Note

What’s more special, a prewritten card bought at the store with your name signed at the bottom, or a handwritten note that truly expresses your feelings about how much your mother means to you? As we’ve mentioned before, we believe the answer is clear: words from the heart are more precious than gold.

5) The Greatest Gift of All: Time

Last but certainly not least is what we truly believe to be the greatest gift of all: time. This Mother’s Day, don’t just drop by with any gift, no matter how valuable. Instead, find an activity that you know she’ll enjoy and spend the day with her. Maybe it’s gardening, or a day at a park; maybe it’s volunteering, or visiting a local museum. Whatever the activity, life is usually so chaotic that giving your mother a day that is truly devoted to her may be as tender and thoughtful a gift as she will ever receive.

We hope this list gives you some ideas on what you can do this Mother’s Day, and at least gets your own creative juices flowing on some truly thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas that come from the heart. J.G. Wentworth, the  largest purchaser of future structured settlement and annuity payments in the country, wishes all moms around the country – ours and yours – a truly special and memorable Mother’s Day. Call us anytime at 877-227-4713.