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Traveling with Children Over the Upcoming Holidays: A Survivor’s Guide

It’s coming up on that time again – when families around the country gather together to celebrate the joyful holiday season and welcome in the New Year.

But let’s be honest – not everything about the holidays is a pure joy. Take traveling, for instance. Are you dreading your eight hour car ride with your kids across state lines? Does the thought of a plane ride with toddlers make you break out in a cold sweat?

Here at J.G. Wentworth, we know how much our customers love their families. In fact, providing for loved ones is one of the most often-cited reasons why so many people look to sell structured settlement or annuity payments for cash – and why they look to J.G. Wentworth to get them that money as soon as possible.

But getting kids in the car for that big car trip? Schlepping luggage and sippy cups and strollers and God knows what else for the big plane ride? Well, that’s another story, isn’t it?

So without further ado, today we’d like to offer you our five hard-earned tips on surviving traveling with children.

1) Take Your Time

One of the big mistakes parents can make is thinking they can keep to the same time-tables they do when they are traveling alone. But that simply will not work with children. So slow down. Don’t rush. Plan more breaks if you’re driving, and get to the airport earlier if you’re flying. Do everything you can to make traveling as stress-free an experience as possible.

2) Look for Family Deals at Hotels and Restaurants

Always check for special deals for families. Some hotels may offer discounted rates or free meals to children; restaurants might also offer specials where an adult entrée will allow a child to eat free. Many businesses will also offer last-minute online deals that may save you much more than if you bought things separately.

3) Don’t Skimp on Activities for the Road

Books, videos, games, playing cards, crayons, markers… You name it, bring it. Nothing will ruin a trip more than a child bored and looking for something to do.

4) Stay Healthy

Certainly it’s hard to do this on a family trip. But how often do hear of a trip ruined when one child falls ill? Your best trip will happen when you keep your children well-fed, well-hydrated, and well-rested.

5) Just Because You Like to Relax on a Vacation, Doesn’t Mean Your Children Do

Last but definitely not least is a tip more psychological than practical – a tip we have learned the hard way. Simply put, you may change personalities on a vacation – you may relax, be more agreeable, more social, more mellow, etc. But your children won’t. They will demand the same things they always do, whine about the same things, bicker with one another the same way – you get the idea.  So keep your expectations on an even keel, and let your kids be your kids.  You may be surprised how much fun you end up having anyway!

We hope the above tips will help you travel with your children, and make the trip itself a pleasant and memorable one. And as always, if you’re looking for some cash, and have a structure settlement or annuity plan you are thinking of selling for a lump sum, please give us a call at 1-877-227-4713.