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Your credit card: Signs it’s time to say goodbye

Whether it might be time to find a replacement for your first credit card, or it’s time to give up credit cards completely, the following are some signs that it might be time to cut ties:

1. Your interest rate is extremely high and you’re basically throwing away money.


2. You have no self-control and your credit card is always maxed out.




3. But it’s not completely your fault, because your limit is so low that it barely covers a week’s worth of food.


4. You’re confused about the charges on your monthly bill, and it’s not because your card was stolen, but because you literally have no frickin’ clue what you bought that month.





5. You depend on it way too much and for every little purchase…


6. And with all the charges you rack up, you don’t receive any rewards or perks.




7. You’ve gone over the limit so many times that you’re actually surprised when transactions aren’t declined.




8. You struggle to make those monthly minimum payments.




9. Your credit has improved significantly since you got your current credit card…


10. Which means better offers are rolling in, including higher credit limits and/or lower interest rates.


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