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Top cities for an inexpensive international retirement

There is a lot of planning that goes into retirement, especially from a financial aspect—but have you thought about where you want to spend your retirement? More and more retirees are moving overseas, and it’s easy to see why. From beautiful surroundings to cheap living, the following are some international destinations to consider if your retirement is right around the corner:

Reflection of a building in a fountain, Plaza del Congreso, Congress Square, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This amazing city might be one of the more costly places to live in South America, but compared to major cities throughout the United States, it offers a low cost of living for retirees seeking an international retirement. Not only is entertainment abundant, but the Argentinean healthcare system is also affordable and highly rated.


Malta - Colorful traditional Luzzu fishing boat at Marsaxlokk on a sunny summer day with green sea and blue sky

Valetta, Malta

This tiny island country in the middle of the Mediterranean truly has it all, and at an affordable cost. Retirement in Malta will feel like you’re on vacation every single day, and the city of Valetta, the island’s capital, offers everything you could possibly need. And if you receive citizenship, you can also take advantage of the country’s terrific (and free!) healthcare.


Hanging houses of Cuenca historical town, Castile La Mancha, Spain

Cuenca, Ecuador

If you’re looking for an affordable tropical destination to retire in, Ecuador might be the country for you. The city of Cuenca has a lot of charm and character, and not to mention, plenty of activities for retirees. With a bustling arts and cultures scene, it’s impossible to get bored in Cuenca. Additionally, the country of Ecuador offers plenty of incentives for retirees, including steeply discounted public transit for those 65 of age and older, and the option for international retirees to enroll in the country’s healthcare system at a low price.


Kamala beach, Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand

This Southeast Asian city is not only extremely inexpensive, but is very developed and provides quick access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. With delicious cuisine costing merely a few dollars a day and luxury apartments available for just a few hundred dollars a month, it’s easy to see why more and more retirees are flocking to Thailand. Retirees can be eligible for a special retirement visa, which is renewed each year, if they have at least $22,125 in a local bank account or receive monthly pensions at a minimum of $1,800. And if you want to explore nearby countries, Thailand also offers very cheap, fast, and direct flights to some fabulous vacation destinations, including Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China.


There are traditional townhouses and Roman Catholic church in the middle of the lush foliage in the old part of the French town Pau.

Pau, France

Living in the heart of Europe might not seem like an affordable retirement at first glance, and especially in France, which tends to be an expensive country in general. The city of Pau, however, is a much more affordable alternative to anyone who has ever dreamt of retiring in Paris. But not only is the trip to Paris a short one from Pau, but living in the middle of Europe makes it super easy (and cheap) to travel many of the neighboring countries and cities. And if you’re looking for superior healthcare for retirement, look no further than France, which was recognized by the World Health Organization as having the best healthcare system in the world.

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