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3 Ways to Know if Selling Structured Settlement Payments is for You

Hi folks, J.G. Wentworth here. Thinking about selling your structured settlement payments for cash? Here are three ways to know if selling these future payments is right for you.

1) You need cash now

Long-term unemployment. A sudden medical emergency. Missed mortgage payments that may lead you to be forced out of your home. Rising educational costs for you or your loved ones. These are just a few of the reasons why even the most financially responsible of us may end up needing cash sooner. The most important thing to remember here is that you are not alone – thousands of others are suffering from similar issues, and have turned to J.G. Wentworth for help.

2) You need cash now – but cannot afford to get deeper into debt

One of the great advantages to selling structured settlement payments is that getting this money into your hands will not add on to your debt in any way. After all, money from a structured settlement is your money – it is just a question of when you are going to get it. So rather than going to a bank for a loan, borrowing from a credit card, or taking a second mortgage on your home – all common options to get cash – selling structured settlement payments can get money into your hands without adding onto your debt in any way.

3) You’ve decided that taking care of your present financial situation is more important than worrying about the distant future

Of course, there are benefits to receiving structured settlement payments. Knowing that these payments are coming to you can provide both a sense of financial security, and allow you to plan for the future.

But this isn’t about what may happen to you in five, ten, even twenty years down the road. This is about a pressing financial need that must be addressed. After careful consideration, you’ve decided to make the decision that thousands of others around the country have made: to sell their structured settlement payments for cash now, and put that money to use sooner rather than later.

Every individual’s financial situation is unique. J.G. Wentworth and its representatives do not provide financial, legal or tax advice.  You should consult a qualified tax and/or legal professional for advice and information concerning your particular situation.