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When Is the Best Time to Sell My Annuity Payments?

When Is the Best Time to Sell My Annuity Payments?

If you are either currently receiving, or scheduled to receive, periodic payments from an annuity, the following question may be entering your mind with ever-increasing urgency: should I sell my annuity payments for cash now – and if so, when should I do it?

Today, more and more folks are asking themselves this question. That’s due to the simple fact that more and more people in this country either have an annuity, or will get one in the future – as many as 100 million Americans, to be exact.

Of course, many annuity recipients have no desire to sell their payments. These folks are content to receive their annuity payments spaced-out over time, and use this money as a steady stream of income to meet their planned expenses and manage their retirement. Make no mistake: this “old-fashioned” approach to receiving annuity payments is perfectly reasonable in many cases. But what if this traditional approach to receiving annuity payments doesn’t fit your specific needs?

The reality is there are many reasons why people decide they want to sell their annuity payments for a lump sum. Some annuity holders find themselves still working past their retirement age, and because of their specific financial situation decide they would prefer to get that money sooner rather than later. Others consult financial and retirement planners, and realize that in order to maximize their beneficiaries’ inheritance, they need to cash out their annuity far sooner than they expected to maximize earnings. Last but certainly not least, many others find themselves in situations where they simply need that money now to pay for such unanticipated expenses as medical costs, mortgage payments, or the education of a loved one.

If you are in an emergency financial situation, of course, your options are much narrower; after all, you need money quickly to shore up whatever debts you face. In this case, we urge you to contact our company, J.G. Wentworth, to discuss all your financial options. We are among the largest and most respected annuity payment purchasers in the country, and have a Better Business Bureau rating of A+. With absolutely no obligation on your part, our account representatives will hear the specifics of your financial situation, assess your qualifications, and give you a quote for your payments – one you are absolutely free not to accept.

If you are not under such immediate financial strain, the “best” time to sell your annuity payments is therefore more open. However, even in these situations we encourage you to call J.G. Wentworth, so we can clearly and carefully explain all the financial options available to you regarding selling your annuity payments. Again, we will take whatever time you need to hear the specifics of your financial situation and walk you through your options. And just as with everyone who calls us, you are also under no financial obligation whatsoever to our company, and can decline whatever quote we offer you.

The bottom line is that the ‘best’ time to sell your annuity payments is a choice only you can make. All we can do, as the nationwide leader in annuity payment purchasing, and as the company that has been in business over 20 years and handled approximately 50,000 similar transactions, is walk you through the process and make you an offer – one we hope will set you on the right financial track for yourself and your family. For more information, or if you have additional questions about how J.G. Wentworth can help you get the money you need now out of your annuity payments and into your pocket, please call our company anytime at 877-227-4713.


Nothing above is meant to provide financial or tax advice. You should meet with appropriate professionals for such services.