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Five Reasons Why Our Customer Representatives Love Their Job

We had the pleasure recently of speaking with Dan, who has been with the company over 5 years first as an account executive and now as a member of the marketing team, and hearing his thoughts about why our J.G. Wentworth account executives love their job. Here were his top five reasons:

1) The privilege of helping people

The simple truth is that customers call J.G. Wentworth because they need cash. Whether it’s for a home, a car, help with a medical bill or educational expense – whatever the reason, the bottom line is that they are facing serious circumstances, and the money they are trying to receive can improve their lives. Helping make that happen, Dan said, is truly a privilege.

2) The relationships that can develop between J.G. Wentworth representatives and customers

Transaction times vary from customer to customer. , J.G. Wentworth representatives and their customers speak on a regular – and sometimes even a daily – basis until the process is complete. When you talk to the same person every day, Dan said, you really get to know them – another great perk of the job.

3) The unique funding situations that can develop

One of Dan’s most memorable experiences came from with working with a Colorado couple in 2012 who were recipients of a structured settlement resulting from a car accident nearly 40 years ago.  Both were disabled retirees living off a tight budget with their only regular income coming from Social Security benefits. Their insurance company set them up with a series of large lump sum payments that were not payable for several years and their tight budget did not account for excess credit and medical bills that had accumulated due to the husband’s failing health.  Their budget also did not allow them to enjoy the perks of being retired such as traveling to visit family.

Dan was able to raise a lump sum working with a small portion of their future payments that left them with significant income down the road, but also gave them some breathing room with the bills that had piled up.  With all of their credit and medical debt paid down, the couple used the remaining funds to celebrate their wedding anniversary- something they hadn’t done in several years.

4) The calls that come in from all corners of the country

Our account executives hear from folks who are literally in every corner of this country: from Florida to Alaska, Hawaii to Maine, callers reach out to us twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

5) The Co-workers

Last but certainly not least is the pride Dan feels towards his colleagues. He describes them as open and energetic, , all of whom are eager to provide support and lend a hand.

With that kind of enthusiasm from our account executives, is it any wonder we have so many repeat customers, and why the Better Business Bureau has rated us A+? We encourage you to find out for yourself how dedicated our representatives are, and how seriously and personally they take the matter of your money getting to you as soon as possible. Call them anytime at 877-227-4713.