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Four reasons customers call JG Wentworth

Four Reasons People Call Our Company

If you’ve ever wondered why people call J.G. Wentworth – or contemplated a call to our company yourself – this blog is for you. It’s our list of the five most commonly cited reasons folks turn to J.G. Wentworth for cash now, and we are offering it because we know what it’s like to face an important financial decision, or even crisis, and not know exactly what to do. While many financial situations have no easy answers, J.G. Wentworth takes great pride in taking the time to get to know our customers, and helping them find a solution that best fits their needs. Here are five commonly mentioned reasons folks turn to us for help:

1) They need cash now to pay for their rent, mortgage, or car

“Big-ticket” purchases like a home, apartment, or automobile often require serious long-term commitments, and unfortunately life has a habit of throwing wrenches in even our best laid plans. If you’re facing large monthly bills for one of these purchases, and are having a hard time paying it off, our company can help.

2) They need cash now because of unforeseen medical expenses

Even folks who thought they were protected by their medical insurance policies may find themselves in a financial crisis because of an unforeseen medical emergency. Emergency room visits, or extended stays at hospitals, can cost far more than most people expect, and selling all or a portion of future structured settlement or annuity payments can help alleviate this financial burden.

3) They cannot find a job, or the job they have is not paying them enough

In spite of unemployment rates recently decreasing, wages are still far below where they should be. J.G. Wentworth can help carry you through this difficult time until wages start rising to fairer levels.

4) They want to pay for their education – or for the education of a loved one

Exorbitant tuition costs for four-year, two-year, and trade schools often take a huge bite of people’s savings. You can sell your structured settlement or annuity payments for cash to JG Wentworth and minimize these debts upon either your graduation or the graduation of a loved one.

Do you see your own financial situation reflected in this list? If the answer is yes, and you either want to learn more about J.G. Wentworth or receive a free no-obligation quote from our company, please call one of our customer representatives anytime at 877-227-4713.