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Four Steps to Cash Now: the Process of Selling Your Structured Settlement or Annuity Payments

Hi folks, J.G. Wentworth here. Selling your structured settlement or annuity payments for cash may seem like a complicated, even intimidating, thing to try and do. But the truth is that it is really not as intimidating and complicated when you break the process down.  In today’s blog we would like to explain to you the four steps needed to take your future structured settlement or annuity payments and turn them into money in your pocket.

1) Contact a J.G. Wentworth customer service representative to discuss your specific financial situation.

If you are receiving regular payments from a structured settlement or annuity but are tired of waiting for this money to come to you at distant dates in the future, your first step should be to call J.G. Wentworth. Our customer representatives will patiently discuss your specific financial situation, and answer all your questions related to selling your structured settlement or annuity payments for cash.  There is no obligation on your end to participating in this discussion – no ‘hard sell’ where we try to pressure you into making a transaction you are uncomfortable with.  All we are doing at this stage is talking things over with you, and seeing if there is a way we can help you get the cash you need.

If you qualify, and agree to the terms of the transaction, the next step is to:

2) Mail us the legal documentation surrounding your structured settlement or annuity agreement.

This allows us to confirm all the details of what we discussed on the phone, and to get the ball rolling so we can soon put money in your pocket.

Once all of this legal documentation comes to us, and we confirm its validity, comes the longest part of the process:

3) Waiting for court

The good news is that selling structured settlement or annuity payments is a legal process that has been put in place to make sure your interests are protected.  The bad news is that the process takes a bit of time to go through.  While it varies depending on what state you live in, it generally takes anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks for a judge to look over the transaction and approve it.  And once the judge confirms the transaction and our underwriting department gives final approval…

4) We write you a check and get you your cash!

There is no reason to be intimidated, and no reason for you to stop yourself from taking that first step and reaching out to J.G. Wentworth. Please feel free to give us a call anytime at 877-227-4713.