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Get Your Money Faster by Having Your Documents Ready

Need cash from your structured settlement or annuity now instead of later? You’ll get your money fastest by being prepared with all the relevant documents and information.

When you call J.G. Wentworth to get your free, no obligation quote, it is helpful, but not required, to have on hand:

– A list of your future payment dates and amounts
– The name of the insurance company issuing these payments
– The nature of your initial lawsuit, specifically whether it was personal injury, wrongful death, medical practice, etc.

To confirm the policy, enable a filing, and get your cash, you’ll need:

– A copy of the settlement agreement and subsequent annuity contract
– An updated benefits letter that details all the payments you have left
– A signed contractual agreement
– A valid ID
– Any wage garnishments, such as child support or alimony (only when applicable)

The sooner you have access to these documents and information, the sooner you’ll get your cash! Your J.G. Wentworth representative can also help you each step of the way.

For any questions about what’s written here, or to get your free, no obligation quote within minutes, call us anytime at 877-227-4713.