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Getting to Know J.G. Wentworth: An Interview with Nicholas G.- Part One

We’d like to introduce you to Nicholas G., one of the many amazing members of our J.G. Wentworth team. Nicholas has been with J.G. Wentworth for over five years and is at the forefront of one of the most important parts of our business: customer relationships. He spoke to us about what folks should expect when they call J.G. Wentworth looking for cash now.

“The first thing J.G. Wentworth customer representatives try to do is establish whether it’s possible for us to get you the money you need,” he told us. “So we’ll ask you some really important questions, like, ‘Are you currently getting money from a structured settlement or annuity? If you’re not getting regular payments now, are payments owed to you in the future?’ It’s not that we want to pry into your personal business, but it is important to determine your specific situation so we can try to get you what you need.”

“So let’s say that you are either receiving, or scheduled to receive, money from a structured settlement or annuity,” Nicholas continued. “Next we’ll ask you how that money came to you. Were you involved in a personal injury lawsuit, did you inherit the money from a relative – questions like that. We’ll also ask whether you know the exact amount coming to you, and the name of the insurance company handling your account.”

“Again, this is not about us wanting to get all into your personal business,” Nicholas repeated. “It’s simply that the more facts we have, the faster we can move forward.”

Next comes what is truly Nicholas’ favorite part of the job: helping people. “When I’m talking to a customer, and I’ve established that J.G. Wentworth can work with them, I then try to find out what they want that money for,” he told us. “Is it for a mortgage payment that if you don’t pay soon may lead to an early foreclosure? Is it for emergency car repairs that may cost you your job if they are not taken care of quickly? Or maybe it’s to pay for your education, or for the education of someone close to you?”

“Look, I’ve been doing this a long time. In fact, I’ve been involved in over 250 transactions – myself – with customers around the country. I’ve heard a lot of stories. And while every story is different, many of them do have something in common, which is that the customer needs money and there may be a way my company can help them.”

Excitement rose in Nicholas’s voice as he continued. “And when I do help someone? – It really is the greatest thing about the job. When the deal is done, and I’m talking to a customer on the phone and he or she says ‘Thanks, you really helped me’ – I mean, does it get any better than that?”

We sure don’t think so! In our next blog we will continue our conversation with Nicholas and find out the two most common questions he hears from folks calling in to J.G. Wentworth – along with the extremely important answers he supplies. Until then, if you would like to talk to one of our customer representatives – people just like Nicholas who care deeply about  J.G. Wentworth’s customers – we encourage you to call our company today. We can be reached anytime at 877-227-4713.