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How J.G. Wentworth Works: Selling all or part of your settlement payments

If you’re considering selling your structured settlement or annuity payments for cash, but are concerned about the loss of income down the road, this blog is for you.

The truth is, many folks around the country share such concerns. They would love to get cash in their pockets sooner from their structured settlement or annuity payments, but are held back by the very rational fear that they would be giving up the stability of future payments.

But what if there was a way to sell future settlement payments, and keep a portion of those monthly payments still coming to you?

Guess what? – There is a way with a Partial Buyout from J.G. Wentworth . It’s a plan that allows you to sell just a portion of your structured settlement or annuity payment stream, while still keeping some percentage of your monthly payments coming to you. It’s the perfect way to get help now, and keep your future  interests protected.

For those who qualify, Partial Buyout options can be pursued in two general ways. You can sell your future structured settlement or annuity payments for a set period of time – say, a year or two – then continue to receive full payments afterwards. Or, if you choose, you can sell J.G. Wentworth a percentage of your payments for the some or all of your  payment period, which means you would continue to receive some money out of your structured settlement or annuity payments with no interruption whatsoever. You can even structure a deal with our company that combines both of these options!

What’s great about the Partial Buyout plan is how it can take care of both the “money now” and the “money later” dilemma. It’s the perfect compromise for anyone with both short and long-term financial concerns.

Interested in hearing more about how the partial buyout or partial payment plan works? Or perhaps you have some other questions related to your own structured settlement or annuity payment stream, and how you can get money out of those future payments now instead of later? Whatever your question, J.G. Wentworth representatives are available day and night. Call anytime at 877-227-4713.