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Make $500 When You Refer a Customer to J.G. Wentworth

J.G. Wentworth is always searching for new customers looking to get cash now out of their future structured settlement or annuity payments. Did you know that new customers that you help us find can also make you extra cash?

How It Works

Here’s how it works, in four steps:

1) Get permission from this person to share their information with us. Privacy is something we take very seriously, so make sure you follow this step!

 2) Contact one of our account executives at 877-227-4713 and provide them with your referral’s contact information. Please note that this person must not already be in our database and must have qualifying payments to sell.

 3) Wait to see if a sale transaction between us and the person you referred is going to take place. If it is, once the transaction is fully concluded, go straight to step 4:

 4) Get a check in the mail for $500!

It’s our way of thanking you for introducing folks to our company, and allowing us to continue to be the nationwide leader in purchasing structured settlement and annuity payments for cash now. If you have any questions about our referral program, or would simply like to discuss your own structured settlement or annuity payments, call us anytime at 877-227-4713. Terms and conditions apply.