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Terms You Should Know: Part II

Hi everyone. J.G. Wentworth here. As promised in my last blog post, here are some more common terms you are likely to come across when you are selling some or all of your structured settlement payments. You’ve made the smart choice about getting your finances in order, now here’s a chance to get smarter about selling your payments!

Hope you find these helpful!

Net Present Value

The amount of cash today that is the equivalent in value to cash to be received in the future based on a specific discount rate. Sounds hard, but it’s easy. This is the amount of cash J.G. Wentworth can get you today for your future payments!


The act of a notary witnessing a person signing a document. Many legal documents require a notarized signature. We know thousands of notaries across the country, and can even get one to show up to your home or work if you need assistance.

Payment Stream

Payments received periodically from a structured settlement or an annuity. This is the cash you are getting now. If it’s not enough to meet your current needs, contact J.G. Wentworth!

Personal Injury

An injury to a person’s body or mind, as the result of an accident. Hope this didn’t happen to you . . . but if you got a structured settlement as a result of an injury, we can help you get lump sum now!

Structured Settlement Agreement

The agreement, judgment, stipulation or release embodying the terms of a structured settlement, including the rights of the payee to receive periodic payments. No job is finished until the paperwork is done! You’ll need to find your structured settlement agreement if you want to sell payments.

Structured Settlement Obligor

The party that has the continuing periodic payment obligation to the payee under a structured settlement agreement or a qualified assignment agreement. AKA the insurance company. We’ve worked with lots of them to help folks get their cash more quickly. Chances are we’ve worked with yours!

From time to time, I’ll update the Terms You Should Know thread in my blog entries. You can never be equipped with enough information when making an important decision.