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Why Getting Money Sooner Out of Your Structured Settlement or Annuity Is NOT an All-or-Nothing Proposition

Hi folks, J.G. Wentworth here.

Are you thinking about getting cash now out of your structured settlement or annuity but are afraid of what will happen to your finances when those payment checks stop coming in the mail? Today we’d like to remind you that you do not have to sell all your future payments off in their entirety. Instead, you can engage J.G. Wentworth in what is known as a “partial payment”, “partial buyout”, or “partial purchase” transaction, one that will enable you to receive both cash now and money down the road.

“Partial payment” plans are perfect for those who need a lump sum of cash upfront but also rely on their future structured settlement or annuity payments for their financial health and well-being. It is a plan that enables you to get money into your pocket sooner while also keeping a portion of your future payments intact.

Customers looking to explore the partial payment option should think about the following:

1) Your current financial needs

Will the money you receive from selling just a portion of your future payments be enough to take care of your current financial situation?

2) Your long-term financial needs

Down the road, will you be able to manage your finances when your future payments either temporarily cease or begin to be in amounts less than what you were formally receiving?

3) Your ideal partial payment plan

Assuming you qualify, you will have a choice regarding how to arrange your partial payment plan. Would you like to sell the full amount of your regular payments for several months or years and then resume getting these payments at a later date? Or would you like to sell just a portion of your regular payments for their full duration, so that you continue to receive at least some money coming to you without interruption?

These are all important factors to consider, and our J.G. Wentworth representative will be happy to walk you through your options. What is most important to remember here is that selling your structured settlement or annuity payment is not an all-or-nothing proposition, and that you have options when it comes to selling those payments – options which will hopefully secure you both the money you need now and the financial security you deserve down the road.

To discuss these options, or anything else related to your specific situation, please give J.G. Wentworth a call at 877-227-4713. Every individual’s financial situation is unique. J.G. Wentworth and its representatives do not provide financial, legal or tax advice.  You should consult a qualified tax and/or legal professional for advice and information concerning your particular situation.