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Secrets that car salespersons don’t want you to find out

If you’re looking to purchase a car, you’ll have to plan accordingly; it’s not as simple as walking into a dealership and walking out with something that matches your needs and budget. At least, it’s not quite that simple if you care about getting duped. It’s no secret that car salespersons have a reputation for being…well, conniving, to put it gently. But the average consumer doesn’t truly realize just how far these sales tactics can go, and the first-time car buyer can be especially vulnerable, which can mean spending far more than necessary.

To find out more about what car salespersons are hiding exactly, we spoke to David Rojas, a former car salesman who now works as a buyer’s advocate. As founder and managing director of The Deal Creator, Rojas assists car buyers through the process from beginning to end to ensure that they get the very best deal possible on their car purchase.

As someone who was once on the inside and has now gone rogue, Rojas shares some of the juiciest car salesman secrets:

They are masters at the game

You may be asking yourself why is it so important to know the inner-workings of a car dealership and how they operate. Obviously they are trying to make money and that’s how they stay in business. But by going in completely unprepared, you could end up getting the short end of the stick.

“You can’t play basketball against LeBron James or Michael Jordan and expect to beat them at their game,” says Rojas. “At the end of the day, it’s their game, and they always win.”

They are creating a story

From the moment you walk into the dealership, a salesperson’s job is to report everything about a potential customer to a manager. The objective is how they plan on convincing that person to drive off the lot with one of the dealership’s cars, and how they’re going to make the most money possible. This often involves a series of what seems like endless questions, including questions that you really don’t have to answer and could potentially cost you.

“They are using this information to write a book and create a plan of attack,” says Rojas. “It’s a way for the salesperson to size up the customer, without the customer realizing it’s happening.”

They’ll try to wear you down

If you’ve ever felt mentally drained after spending an afternoon at the dealership, it’s definitely by design—in fact, Rojas says that for many salespersons, this is part of their sales technique. In an attempt to keep you interested and to get as much information out of you as possible, salespersons are trained to keep asking you question after question so that the conversation never goes stale.

“The customer just ends up signing because they are exhausted and feel bombarded,” says Rojas.

You should almost never pay MSRP

Unless you’re talking an extremely rare vehicle, the MSRP is just that—a suggested retail price. This is by no means the price you should actually pay for the car, unless you’re not interested in saving money. But car salespersons understand that most buyers will try to haggle down the MSRP, and they’ll even pretend that the deal they’re offering you is a terrific one, that they’re losing out on the deal, and that it can’t be beat. But most of the time? It certainly can be. At the end of the day, if you’re unhappy with the final price, don’t be afraid to walk away.

You should always settle on a price first

Rojas suggests that any car-buying transaction be divided into three parts, with the first being a price agreement. You may be asked whether you want to lease or buy, or how much you’re looking to spend each month on your car payments. These questions are all irrelevant to the sale price of the car, and you could end up spending a lot more over the long-term by answering these things prior to settling on your sale price. Before moving forward, settle on a price in writing and get it on a buyer’s order.

After you settle on a price, you can deal with the financing (the second part of the transaction you should focus on), assuming you will be taking out a car loan and you plan on going through the dealership.

Don’t mention your trade-in

If you have a car you want to trade in towards the purchase of your new car, make this the third and final part of your deal—after the sale price and financing (if applicable) have been settled on. Otherwise, you could lose out on the deal by basically getting nothing for your trade-in. Rojas also suggests that car buyers ask to receive a fair amount for their trade-in based on an appraisal, and to walk out on the deal if they won’t comply.

“They won’t be happy about it, because they know they’re losing out on the deal in every way possible,” says Rojas.


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End-of-spring bargains: You won’t believe how much you can save!

The end-of-spring season brings its own combination of goods and services that savvy shoppers can find at reduced prices. Here are just a few:

Dome tent

Camping equipment

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes the kickoff of camping season at parks around the country. To entice campout enthusiasts, many major camping and outdoor equipment stores will offer a wide range of discounts and bargains.



Many mattress stores begin offering discounts on their merchandise as spring turns to summer, trying to take advantage of those interested in spring cleaning and general home-improvement. Some mattress retailers are reputed to offer discounts of as much as 70% off regular mattress prices.

Silver ring and chain on the background of women's watches


Once Mother’s Day is over, jewelry stores around the country will try to get rid of their extra inventory; take advantage of their sales, which will come out within a week after the holiday is over.

Exterior of a house


While there are many sides to the debate about the best time to buy a home, there is no question that the end of spring brings with it an increase in the number of houses brought to market, making late spring a great time to begin your home search.

Man Shopping for a Television

TV sets

Next to the weeks immediately leading up to – and following – the Super Bowl, the end of spring is a time many electronic stores try to get rid of their inventory to make room for the newer models that will soon appear on their showroom floors.

Close up of the head of a modern vacuum cleaner being used while vacuuming a thick pile white carpet

Vacuum cleaners

Serious spring cleaners know that next year’s vacuum-cleaner models are brought to market in June, making the end of spring a great time to find older models at reduced prices.

elegant furniture and design in modern patio

Outdoor furniture

Just like with camping equipment, many outdoor furniture stores begin offering reduced rates on their patio furniture to kick off the summer season. The only better time to buy is the end of summer.

Landscape of paradise tropical island beach with perfect sunny sky

Vacations to warm weather spots like the Caribbean

Last but certainly not least, consider purchasing vacations to warm weather spots like the Caribbean. The weeks surrounding the end of spring are a definite low tourist season at these spots, and opportunities for great discounts on airfare, hotels, and cruises abound.

We hope this list of discounted end-of-spring items gets you thinking about all the ways you can stretch your hard-earned dollars the furthest in the weeks ahead. And always remember that J.G. Wentworth, the nationwide leader in purchasing future structured settlement and annuity payments for cash, is available anytime to discuss the specifics of your structured settlement payment sale. Call us today at 877-227-4713.