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Looking your best on a budget, part 1: Hair and makeup care

While hair care and makeup products can be expensive, there are some strategies you can adopt that will help you look beautiful without breaking the bank. Here are six ways to look your best on a budget:

Go coupon hunting for beauty products

Most folks associate coupons with groceries and the occasional electronics purchase, failing to realize that there are numerous coupons available for beauty products as well. Go coupon hunting at beauty-related websites such as ADiscountBeauty.com, BasicBeautySupply.com, and DiscountBeautyCenter.com.

Use free samples

Many stores and online sites frequently encourage prospective customers to try their products. You can walk through the store, visit your favorite brand’s website, or hunt around the Internet for free samples of these products.

Buy in bulk

You can purchase your favorite beauty product in bulk, or purchase boxes of makeup samples that will allow you to try different products at a price lower than you would if you bought them individually. Either option can offer you substantial savings over time.

Learn home hair care strategies that work best for you

Home hair care strategies to make your hair look its best include using cooler water when you wash your hair to make it look shinier, shampooing and conditioning every other day, hydrating your hair occasionally with mayonnaise, and using a hair mask.

Look for beauty product alternatives

Of course it’s always tempting to spend the most money on a premium product. But oftentimes a little bit of research and legwork will lead you to a lesser-priced product that functions just as well.

Check out apps that may give you cash back for beauty product purchases

Many apps offer cash back deals on specific beauty products. You simply have to sign up for them on your mobile devices, then snap a photo of the receipt to get the cash.

When it comes to hair and makeup care, the bottom line is actually fairly simple: you do not have to choose between looking your best and saving money! Instead, you can do both with just a little bit of research and some smart and savvy shopping. In our next blog, we will give you more strategies on looking your best on a budget, this one regarding how you can dress for success by creating a beautiful multi-functioning wardrobe at a fraction of the expected cost. Until that time, if you’d like to reach out to J.G. Wentworth for any reason to discuss your specific financial situation, or to learn how you can get money now out of your structured settlement or annuity, call us at 877-227-4713.

8 ways to stretch your dollars the farthest when you grocery shop

Want to make sure you are stretching your dollars the farthest when you shop for groceries? Considering how often most of us go grocery shopping, the reality is that even a little bit saved each week could add up to hundreds, even potentially thousands, of dollars over the course of a year. Here are eight ways to make sure you are stretching your dollars the farthest each and every time you shop for groceries, starting with:

Shop online for coupons before going to the grocery store

Before you even go to a grocery store, you should check out some of the many online coupon sites that can lead to substantial savings on groceries. These websites include Coupons.com, Redplum.com, and SmartSource.com, to name just a few.

Join your supermarket’s loyalty program

Signing up for a grocery store’s Loyalty Program, and checking in regularly to see what promotions they are running, will add substantially to your bottom line savings.

Plan meal selections around food discount opportunities

Most folks make a list of the foods they want to eat, then shop for them. Why not go to the grocery store or online coupon site first, see what promotions or advertisements are running, and plan your menu accordingly?

Learn which store consistently has the best prices on your most commonly purchased foods

Have a list of items you always purchase, such as cereal, eggs, milk, apples, etc.? Visit a few stores in your neighborhood and identify the ones that consistently have the best prices on these foods.

Shop for foods in season

The more seasonal a food is, the more likely it can be found at a lower price – and will taste better besides.

Slice meats, fruits, and vegetables yourself

You’ll save anywhere from 33% to 50% if you avoid purchasing pre-sliced fruits and vegetables and avoid deli counters.

Purchase food at “big-box” stores

Big-box stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and Walmart, among others, offer food items in large packages that can lead to substantial savings over time.

Consider buying meat, poultry, and fish in bulk

Most folks resist buying meat, chicken, and fish in bulk because they’re concerned about freshness. But as long your freezer is set at the proper level even these foods can be stored safely for substantial amounts of time.

We hope these eight tips on stretching your dollars the furthest will help you keep as much of your money as possible where it belongs – in your pocket. Our company, J.G. Wentworth, is a firm believer in the adage “a penny saved is a penny earned”; it is also our hope that all our customers, past and present, become as financially prudent as possible, and develop shopping habits that lead to substantial savings over time. If you are looking for financial assistance or for cash now out of your structured settlement or annuity payments, please call us today at 877-227-4713.