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16 things you’ll relate to if you’re broke

1. You always have to make excuses when your friends wanna hang out and do things that involve actually spending money…

2. …or you suggest boring activities that won’t cost anything.

3. This is pretty much what your diet consists of. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Every single day. Always.

4. You’ve wondered how necessary it really is to eat every day.

5. You’ve also calculated just how many jobs you can fit into your schedule if you forgo sleep entirely.

6. You don’t know what it feels like to actually have money in your bank account, because as soon as you get paid, it all goes towards your bills.

7. The highlight of your day is finding a quarter on the ground.


8. You’ve gotten crafty when it comes to saving on gas.

9. In fact, you’ve started walking home from work to save on gas. It’s about 10 miles, but no biggie.

10. Forget replacing clothing. If they can be sewn, patched, stapled, etc. you will wear those same pair of jeans until they no longer fit or you die.

11. You never bother paying for full-sized condiments…

12. And all of the toiletries in your bathroom are just tons of free samples.

13. You’ve gotten pretty good at cutting your own hair. Or at least that’s the lie you tell yourself.

14. You don’t get mad at the old lady paying for her groceries with a bag of pennies, because you’re about to do the same.

15. Who needs medical care and fancy doctor office visits when you’ve got the Internet to diagnose your ailments?

16. You want to punch people in the face when they say money can’t buy happiness.


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