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How procrastination can literally cost you

Just about everyone likes to delay unpleasant tasks for as long as possible—after all, why would you want to clean your house or take care of boring errands when you can take a nap instead? Procrastinating from time to time likely won’t result in anything terrible, but when it comes to certain things, it can literally cost you money.


Rent, electric, cable? Eh, you’ll get to them later and when you feel like it. The problem with putting off your payment obligations is that you might forget about them completely, and it won’t be until you come home to a dark home and an eviction notice that you’ll remember them again. Even if you miss payment deadlines by a few days, you’ll likely need to pay late fees, reconnection fees, and so on. Take care of your bills right away or put them on automatic debit to avoid these costly consequences. 


Missing out on a good sale or forgetting to use an about-to-expire coupon isn’t a big deal if it’s something you don’t need, want, or use. But if you know there’s a limited-time, money-saving opportunity for something you’ll inevitably purchase at full-price anyway, why would you want to miss out on the discount? For many people, taking the time to go to the grocery store or wherever they need to go just isn’t on the top of their to-do list, but it’ll cost you if you do procrastinate and miss out.


A lot of people put off setting a budget that allows them to contribute money to their savings account. Maybe you tell yourself that you’ll start saving when you make more money, have less debt, win the lottery, etc. But you’ll want to begin saving whatever you can right away, even if the contribution is small, and even if it means making a sacrifice to make it happen. Over the years, the savings will add up, and you may really need that money one day—whether it’s for retirement, a down payment for a home, or to take care of an emergency. Without any money in savings, you might find yourself in a very difficult situation and turning to other expensive alternatives.

Work and school

If you’re constantly putting off projects at work and failing to meet deadlines, it can cost you your job and that steady paycheck. If you’re a college student, you’re probably the master of procrastination, but that doesn’t mean it won’t catch up to you. Not studying for tests or completing assignments until the last minute can mean bad grades, which can result in you failing your classes. With the amount of money that it costs to go to college, the last thing you’d want is to throw that money right out the window by procrastinating and failing a class.


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When the New School Year is Around the Corner

Hi folks, J.G. Wentworth here.  While we hope everyone out there is having a truly terrific summer, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t remind you that the start of school is just around the corner.

That’s not just bad news for children who dread going to school and wish the summer would never end (which was just about all of us when we were kids, right?). Unfortunately, for many folks the beginning of the school year also represents the next round of serious educational expenses.  The sad fact is that college, junior college, and trade school tuition rates are at an all-time high.  Many who attend these schools find themselves buried in large debts that they cannot afford to pay off.

Educational expenses are among the top reasons folks call J.G. Wentworth. All around the country, folks facing these high tuition bills call us to talk about selling their structured settlement or annuity payments for cash and keeping their pressing educational debts low. And helping folks get lump sums of cash to meet these expenses is what we’ve been doing at J.G. Wentworth for over 20 years – and what we may be able to do for you, too.

So if you are facing those ‘end of summer’ blues, and are dreading what the next round of tuition bills may do to your finances, give J.G. Wentworth a call.  Together we may be able to get you the cash you need – and the education you deserve.

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