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J.G. Wentworth Blog

Bringing Families Together

Hi everyone. J.G. Wentworth here.

These are still tough times. To me, the sad thing is that it can tear families apart, literally.

Not to long ago a client of ours, Tim G., who lived near Riverside, CA, contacted us. He was pretty broken up. You see, his wife and young daughter were back California, while he was living in Arizona. He moved from home because there were no construction jobs in California.

Living away from home was tough. Tim was lonely. Plus the couple was wracking up big bills keeping two households. Soon they were in debt and behind on their rent. Tim was in an impossible situation: He could not afford to move home or stay in Arizona.

That’s when we stepped in. Buy buying Tim’s structured settlement payment due in 2014 now, we were able to get Tim some breathing room. He got enough cash to catch up on bills, and get a reliable car so he could get to remote job sites in California. All this happened none too soon. With another baby on the way, Tim’s needed at home.

I’m glad this story has a happy ending. Just goes to show you what a little liquidity can do.

Very truly yours,

J.G. Wentworth