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MORE Favorite Customer Success Stories: Carlos Finds a Home for his Family

Hi folks, J.G. Wentworth here.  Once again we proudly reintroduce you to some of our favorite customer success stories!  In today’s blog, we would like you to meet Carlos E., one of the many thousands of satisfied J.G. Wentworth customers who have sold their future structured settlement payments for cash now.

When Carlos was five, he was the victim of a terrible accident. Riding on a lawn mower with his father, a blade tragically caught the laces of Carlos’ shoe, costing him his leg. He was given a prosthetic one, along with regular payments from a large structured settlement that came to Carlos every 5 to 6 years

While these payments substantially helped Carlos through his childhood, there came a crisis point in his life that culminated in January, 2013. That was when he found himself suddenly evicted from his home. In his own words: “We were sleeping in the car, and the J.G. Wentworth commercial came on the radio, and I thought, ‘Heck, I have nowhere else to go.’ So I called.”

Carlos was prepared to sell his entire structured settlement payment stream for a lump sum. But the J.G. Wentworth representative actually talked him out of it. Again, in Carlos’ own words: “Geoff [the account executive], he was a nice guy, was polite, worked with me… Originally, I was going to sell the whole thing, and Geoff, he explained to me how he could buy half of three payments, and I would still get part of my payments, and I said, ‘That’s  awesome!’… I actually was able to pay the three months of rent I needed to get a place.”

Thank you, Carlos, for sharing your deeply personal story. And thank you also to Geoff– just one of our amazing J.G. Wentworth customer account executives!

Are you in a sudden bind like Carlos? Is the money from your future structured settlement or annuity payments failing to take care of your immediate needs? Please give J.G. Wentworth a call anytime for a free, no-obligation discussion of your specific financial situation at 877-227-4713.