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MORE Favorite Customer Success Stories: A Letter from Landry Hepler


Hi folks, J.G. Wentworth here, continuing our occasional series of blogs about our favorite topic: our customers’ successes. Today we’d like to reprint an amazing letter one of our account representatives, Matthew Noble, received directly from his client customer, Landry Hepler.

Dear Matt,

Just wanted to say THANK YOU once again for the AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE & EXPERTISE you displayed throughout the entire handling of my case with J.G. Wentworth! The funds have been successfully deposited into my BANK ACCOUNT now, and I am now able to afford to purchase our brand-new home “mortgage free”, which is AMAZING! I would never have been able to do this by waiting for the installments to arrive every other year, as I would have found reasons/excuses to pay off all a bill here or there, and to drain the money, rather than saving it. Now, I will have a HOME, that I can look at, and see where my money has went… And by bringing it into reality, I got 4 out of 7 pieces of pie, by settling now, as opposed to waiting over 20 years to get all of it… Not too shabby if you ask me… Keep in touch Sir…

Warmest Regards,

Landry Hepler

Letters and stories from customers like Landry continually remind all of us here at J.G. Wentworth why we do what we do, and fill our organization with tremendous pride. We also know how important it is that folks around the country get access to the same opportunity Landry had on how to receive cash now from their structured settlement or annuity. To discuss your own unique financial situation, call J.G. Wentworth anytime at 877-227-4713.