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In Our Customers’ Own Words, Part Four

Hi folks, J.G. Wentworth here.

In a previous blog, we introduced you to Charlie B, a man whose family was facing extremely difficult financial circumstances due to medical complications related to the birth of his daughter. Charlie was able to overcome his financial troubles with the help of J.G. Wentworth. He arranged to sell only a portion of his structured settlement payment stream, which meant that he was able to receive both cash now and a portion of all his future payments when they came due.  Offering the option of selling only a portion of future payments is just one of the ways we work with our customers to get them cash now in exchange for their structured settlement payments, and one of the many reasons so many folks around the country turn to us for help.

Need another reason to contact J.G. Wentworth? Let’s hear directly from Lois, in Wilmington, Delaware, as she discusses why she chose J.G. Wentworth for one simple reason: they made her the best offer for her structured settlement payments.

“When the time came for me to sell my structured settlement payments to pay off some bills, I wasn’t going to mess around playing one company against the other. My strategy was simple: I would sell my payments to the company that gave me the best bid for my payments right off the bat.”

“Boy, was that an eye opener. J.G. Wentworth offered $5000 more than anybody else!  I figured, the company that treated me right from the beginning would treat me right, right to the finish.”

“I was right.  After my paperwork was done, J.G. Wentworth did the rest.”

Thanks Lois. J.G. Wentworth takes great pride in the way we treat our customers. We know they are probably facing financial and even personal stress, and make it a point to patiently help them sort through their financial issues, as they discuss selling their structured settlement or annuity payments. To receive that same treatment, please give us a call at 877-227-4713.