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In Our Customer’s Own Words, Part Nine

Hi folks, J.G. Wentworth here. Today we would like to continue our series of conversations with folks just like you, who are regularly receiving income from their structured settlement or annuity payments, but still find themselves short of cash. With nowhere else to turn, these folks contact J.G. Wentworth for financial help, and that’s exactly what they get – cash now in exchange for all or a portion of their future payments.

This is what Michael and Nina, from Florida, had to say about their experience working with J.G. Wentworth:

“I was in an accident in August 2007 which almost took my leg off,” Michael said, speaking from his home.

“60,000 pounds of i-beams came down on his leg!” Nina interjected, seated next to him.

“The structured settlement sounds good on paper,” Michael continued, “but when you have to live day to day with a structured settlement, it’s, you know, very stressful… You can’t do what you want to do, you can’t go where you want to go…”

Nina couldn’t contain herself. “Living where we were living – even the dog was afraid to go out,” she told us. “We really needed the money. That’s what it comes down to.”

Michael’s voice fills with amazement. “So J.G. Wentworth helped me get a house with no mortgage and a car with no car payments!”

“The best phone call I ever made was to J.G. Wentworth!”

Thank you, Michael and Nina, for sharing your story. We’re so happy you called us, and wish both of you a healthy and happy life together. For more information about selling structured settlement or annuity payments for cash now, please call J.G. Wentworth today at 877-227-4713.