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In Our Customer’s Own Words, Part Ten

Hi folks, J.G. Wentworth here.

In our last blog, we introduced you to Michael and Nina, customers of J.G. Wentworth. Michael was a victim of a terrible construction accident. Though he received regular payments from a structured settlement as a result of the accident, he and Nina desperately wanted to move to a better neighborhood. They needed cash quickly to buy a house, and so contacted J.G. Wentworth to talk about selling their future payments, in exchange for money in their pocket.  “The best call I ever made was to J.G. Wentworth,” Michael said at the conclusion of his story.

In today’s blog, we would like to introduce you to Bianca Taylor, from California. Just like Michael and Nina, Bianca was suffering from a cash shortage, in spite of receiving regular payments from her structured settlement. And just like them, she contacted J.G. Wentworth for help.

“In 2009, I had a medical issue,” she said. “I went for over a year, hoping I would get the money… Wondering about my medical condition and not getting the help, I tried insurance.”

Her voice softens, the memory still painful. “Insurance turned me down.”

“I needed my money immediately, and there was no other way to break the settlement then to call a company like J.G. Wentworth.”

“When I made the call, there was someone answering that call for me. He was able to say, ‘Bianca, we’re on your side. We’ll get it, we’ll get it fast, and you’ll get that operation.’ That’s what I needed!”

“The process was completely simple, it was easy, they took care of all the legalese… It was just really reliable. I knew that I could trust them to get it done.”

“If you’re in a situation like mine, and need it fast… They’re strong enough to get it fast. They did a good job!”

Thanks, Bianca, for sharing your story. And if you happen to find yourself in a situation like Bianca’s, and would like to learn more about how J.G. Wentworth can help you get cash now for your structured settlement or annuity payments, please give us a call today at 877-227-4713.