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Kathy B: Overcoming All of Life’s Challenges

When Kathy B saw her friend, a policewoman, sitting behind her at the stoplight in Culpeper, Virginia, she smiled and thought little of it. Little did she know this little bit of coincidence would prove to be important when a car in the oncoming lanes plowed head on into Kathy’s car.

Kathy’s injuries were terrible, but since her friend in the police car got it all on tape, Kathy was able to win a settlement from the driver’s insurance company, and another one from the owner of the car, who was not the driver.

It was a lot of money, and Kathy put it into an annuity so that she would have guaranteed monthly income.

But then life changed. Her son opened a restaurant, and he needed start-up capital. Her daughter got very ill and lost her job and apartment. Worst of all Kathy’s foot, badly injured in the accident, took a turn for the worse and needed to be amputated. Since this happened after her settlement, Kathy was responsible for these medical bills. When she got she hit by the other driver, Katy was 16 weeks away from finishing nursing school, and despite this latest setback, she was determined to finish.

While the monthly income she arranged was helpful, what Kathy needed now was a lump sum of cash.

Finally the J.G. Wentworth ads she always saw on TV with people shouting out the window – It’s my money, and I need it now! – made sense to her.

“When I called, the account rep told me what I had to do . . . then she told me it was up to me. She gave it to me straight.”

Kathy was able to help herself and her children and she still managed to get a monthly payment because the JG Wentworth account rep structured the deal to help her take core of today’s problems, but still having a little left over for some monthly bills.

Now, Kathy’s an investor in a restaurant, has her daughter settled, and is getting a new prosthetic leg before re-enrolling in nursing school.

“I’m glad I’ll be able to finish what I set out to do. And I have that piece of mind that comes from knowing my bills are paid.”