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Liquidity Enables Success

Hi everyone. J.G. Wentworth here.

I want to tell you a story about a young lady who is a customer of ours, Natalie L., who lives in St. Louis.

Thought she’s just 20, Natalie had charted a path for her life. She decided to be a cosmetologist and enrolled in a professional school. She and her boyfriend decided to get married next year. And they decided that while the time was right, that they would buy a house where Natalie would live until they were married.

There was only one thing that Natalie and her fiancée needed to make their plan work: cash. Though Natalie has a structured settlement from an injury 10 years ago, none of her regular payments were large enough to help the couple reach their financial goals.

But several of the payments together were. And that’s how Natalie became one of our customers, by selling just the right amount of payments to us so that she got the cash she needed.

And every time I see an ambitious, energetic, and focused individual like Natalie, I’m glad we’re in the business that we are in. Because J.G. Wentworth can help people like Natalie get where they need to be. Imagine if there was no liquidity for structured settlement payment streams. My good friend Natalie would be all dressed up with no place to go. And that my friends, would be a shame.