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Lottery Payment Options

Hi Everyone, J.G. Wentworth here.

I love hearing stories of the lucky men and women who hit the jackpot playing the lottery. So when I heard about Jason and Joy Peterson, the Saugerties, New York newlyweds who just won $1,000,000 on a New York Lottery scratch-off ticket, I was overjoyed for them.  They chose to receive their winnings as a lump sum, but some people choose periodic lottery payments in order to get more money over a longer stretch of time.

Just like any other newlywed couple, the Petersons probably have some major expenses on the horizon: buying a house, saving up to have children, maybe even purchasing a new car or two.  Their lump sum lottery payment will certainly help them reach their financial goals, but what about individuals whose lottery payments trickle in over the years because they picked periodic payments over the lump sum option?

I hear stories all the time from folks who have hit the lottery, and yet they still have trouble paying their bills because the periodic payments don’t cover their expenses.  It’s your winnings, why should you wait years to enjoy the money?  That’s where I come in – if you would like to sell your lottery payments for a lump sum of money, then we may be able to help.  Whether you want to sell all of your winnings or just a portion, we will help design a plan that fits your financial needs.

Contact us today to learn more about selling your lottery payments and how this solution can help you with your finances.