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Meet Our Customers: Brandi Gets Cash Now and Heads Out on Her Own

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Hi folks, J.G. Wentworth here. This week we’d like to continue our occasional series of blogs about customers who have worked with J.G. Wentworth and received the cash they needed now from of their structured settlement or annuity payments. Today we’d like to introduce you to Brandi and hear her amazing story.

When Brandi was 13 years old, a terrible accident occurred. While at a friend’s house for a party, her sister’s friend picked up a shotgun lying around the house; the friend was playing with it when it accidentally went off, hitting Brandi in the jaw.

Brandi was in a medically induced coma for two weeks, followed by a three-month stay in a hospital while she recovered.  Years later she was still receiving treatments for the accident, including surgery to reconstruct her jaw.

Brandi received a significant structured settlement as a result of the accident; however, as time passed she found herself wanting that money now, instead of later. She researched several companies specializing in structured settlement payment purchases and asked how much cash they would give her for her settlement. She discovered that J.G. Wentworth’s offer was 14% more than any other company’s!

Brandi was also extremely pleased with J.G. Wentworth’s account executive, Stephanie. “She was very friendly, she was very fast in replying and she was there when I needed her,” Brandi said. “I would go straight back to J.G. and Stephanie if I was going to do another transaction.”

Today Brandi has a two-year-old daughter Gabriella, and has used the cash she received through her transaction with J.G. Wentworth to purchase property and a car!  She is determined to build a future for herself and her loved one.

We love hearing from customers like Brandi because it reaffirms all that J.G. Wentworth stands for, including stellar customer service and cash offers as competitive as any in our industry. It is our immense pleasure to help Brandi – and folks just like you around the country – take care of your need for cash now. If you are in a situation similar to Brandi’s, or would just like to talk about selling your own structured settlement or annuity payments, please give one of our stellar account representatives a call today at 877-227-4713.