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Hi folks, J.G. Wentworth here. Today we would like to continue our new blog series, one that introduces you to satisfied J.G. Wentworth customers from around the country. Like so many others we have worked with, this customer has found a way to get the cash he needed out of his future structured settlement or annuity payments and into his own pocket.

Randy (name changed out of respect for privacy) was an electrician in Los Angeles – a dangerous job that also paid well. Sadly, tragedy struck Randy in January, 1988, when he was hit by a massive dirt hauler driven by an unlicensed driver.

The injuries Randy suffered were enormous. His pelvis was broken, his intestines were ruptured, and his knee and ankle were shattered. Even after eight months of surgeries, he still suffered pain, and found that working at construction sites – work he truly loved – would only make the pain worse.

In the beginning, one of the things that helped Randy get his life back on track was the structured settlement he received from the owner of the truck. The settlement provided him with monthly payments for the rest of his life. It was money Randy needed – money he hoped to rely upon for years into the future.

But then, everything changed again – this time, for the best possible reasons: Randy fell in love and got married. Soon, everything in his personal life clicked. He was even able to start a family, one of his lifelong dreams. However, after having children Randy realized that the apartment he was living in was no longer going to be big enough. Both he and his wife wanted a bigger place to live, one also in a nicer neighborhood. Could they realize their dream?

One day, Randy saw a commercial for JG Wentworth. He couldn’t believe it. A company willing to buy his structured settlement payments? A company that would also agree to buy just a portion of his structured settlement payment stream – giving him both cash now and the security of receiving future settlement payments down the road?

It sounded too good to be true – but it wasn’t. “I was very wary about selling a portion of my structured settlement payment stream,” Randy admitted. But soon his fears were eased by the JG Wentworth representative who told him about the many ways the company would buy settlement payments and structure deals for their customers. “I was surprised by the professionalism of the account executive who dealt with me; he answered all my questions and was there for every step of the transaction.”

Less than eight weeks later, Randy received his money, and was able to start his life yet again when he moved his family to the larger home they deserved. “I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for JG Wentworth,” he says.

Are you in a situation similar to Randy’s? Are you tired of waiting for money from your structured settlement or annuity to finally make its way to you, and would rather have that money sooner? Please call J.G. Wentworth at 877-227-4713 to discuss your specific financial situation, and to see if there is a way we can help you – just as we’ve helped customers like Randy – get the lump sum of money you need.