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Real J.G. Wentworth Customers: Kendra and Shane H.

If you remain unsure about whether to sell your structured settlement or annuity payments for cash now, we thought you might be interested in reading more of our series of interviews with real-life customers who worked with our company to get their money sooner. Please meet Kendra and Shane H., who spoke with our company from their home.

“Before we called J.G. Wentworth, our financial situation was pretty rough,” Shane told us.

Kendra, seated next to him, agreed. “When he got laid off, and I got laid off, I was scared,” she said, “I was supposed to be this mother that provides and look at me, I have people calling me [to pay bills]. I didn’t feel good about myself.”

“The longer we waited,” Shane continued, “It seemed like the bigger the hole was we had to climb out of.”

The couple was facing a truly serious financial crisis. And then, one day, they saw something that would change their lives – and it was, of all things, a television commercial. “We saw the J.G. Wentworth commercial and decided to make the call,” Shane told us.

“The process of working with J.G. Wentworth was extremely simple,” Kendra continued, “I was like, wow, this is really happening, I was going to be able to start fresh!”

For the first time since recounting the story, the couple begins to smile.

“Since we got the money, we did pay off the high interest debts that we had,” Shane said. “And the sooner that we were able to pay those off, the more money that we saved. We were able to put more money into savings, able to have a cushion to fall back on if a vehicle breaks down or an air conditioner goes out or something like that, we are able to have the funds available to be able to fix those kinds of things and not have to go without.”

“Now I don’t have to stress over how am I going to pay this, how am I going to pay for that,” Kendra continued, her smile increasing, “I can enjoy everything now.”

“I can recommend J.G. Wentworth because we were able to get the money that we needed, when we needed it,” Shane concluded. “Not having to worry about being at work and having a collector call you… it’s just a good feeling. Now we can worry about the more important things.”

Thank you, Kendra and Shane, for sharing your story – we couldn’t have said it better ourselves! And if reading their story reminds you of your own specific financial situation and you would like to learn more about how J.G. Wentworth can help you get cash now, please call our company anytime at 877-227-4713.