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Scary Beginnings, Happy Endings

Hi everybody. J.G. Wentworth here with a story I really like. It’s about a customer of ours named Maria who lives in Burlington Vermont. It’s a little scary, but has a great ending.

It seems, Maria was working late one night and didn’t know that someone from the cleaning company was also in the building. Even if she had, Maria wouldn’t have given it another thought anyway. After all, this was Burlington, Vermont not the big city.

Then, she says, everything happened so fast. Maria was grabbed from behind, and dragged into a dark room. She struggled, and thankfully, got away. Later she gave clues that enabled the police to find her attacker, who had been convicted three times for assault.

Already, it’s a story with a good ending, but it gets better.

With her ensuing structured settlement, Maria bought a house, a car, and put money away for her daughter’s education. The monthly settlement payments were a big help, but nonetheless, medical bills and credit cards debt that would not go away made it hard for Maria to make ends meet. She says the interest on some cards was as high as 29% and the balance never seemed to go down.

When she began having trouble meeting her mortgage payment, that’s when Maria looked into structured settlement companies, and called J.G. Wentworth. “My rep, Lindsay, was the best,” she told me. “She worked with me and showed me all the options for my structured settlement. What I like most is I got the cash I needed, but I am still getting some of my monthly annuity payment.”

What I like is that the story starts out with something pretty scary, but ultimately, has a happy ending for our customer Maria because she was able use her structured settlement payments when she needed them!