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Take Heart

Hi everyone. J.G. Wentworth here.

One of the reasons that we take our work so seriously at J.G. Wentworth is because often times, our customers are facing serious and difficult circumstances.

Take for instance, Tom M. in Los Angeles, CA.  When he found out that he needed a heart transplant, he also found out that he needed money, and fast.

Tom had insurance, but he knew it wouldn’t cover everything.  “It was going to start raining medical bills,” Tom told us when he call for the first time.  Tom had structured settlement payments that paid him every two years.  Since he had just gotten a payment recently, the next one was a long way off.  But he needed that cash right away to ensure a quick recovery and to protect his credit rating against the medical bills he knew was coming his way.

Fortunately, we were able to get Tom the cash he needed to take care of his medical expenses, and even more fortunately, the operation went smoothly. Now Tom is back on his feet and more active than ever.  “Thanks, J.G. Wentworth,” says Tom.  “You helped me get a new lease on life.”

Click here to see Tom tell his story on YouTube.