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Jonathan and the World Cup Trek

Hi everyone.  J.G. Wentworth here.

You know, since we started out we’ve provided nearly $4 billion in funding to our customers.  Most of the time, we buy payment streams from structured settlements and annuities to provide cash for folks who need it to pay bills, buy a house or go back to school.  But occasionally, we provide cash to those who want to pursue a dream.  (not to be confused withannuity loans and structured settlement loans)

That’s the case with our customer Jonathan Velasco.  He sold his structured settlement payments to participate in the World Cup Trek.

Never heard of it?  You will.  It’s an amazing 8000 mile charity drive from Berlin to Cape Town for the 2010 World Cup, and more importantly, to aid the children of Africa.

Jonathan’s journey started on May 17, and if all goes well he and his team will arrive in Cape Town South Africa before the World Cup kicks off on June 11.

We’re so fascinated by the entire concept that not only did we buy Jonathan’s payments so that he could participate, but we are now one of the sponsors of the event!

Learn more about Jonathan and his exploits by visiting for pictures, video, tweets and more.  Plus, I’ll be using my blog here to provide periodic updates.

And remember whether need cash for everyday expenses or you want to purse a dream, we’re always here for you.